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I was given a flat screen TV by my niece and it stopped working. I called around a few places and was told it would cost as much as $300.00 to fix it. For that price I could buy a new one.

Right as I was about to give up I checked for reviews and saw one for Johnny's TV Repair, so I called and man am I glad I called. Unlike the other places the guy who answered the phone at Johnny's was nice and very helpful, even told me the estimate would be free. The other places would only offer the free estimate if I allowed them to do the work, but the guy from Johnny's told me it would be free no matter what.

I took the TV in and he told me it would take about a day to figure the problem out. he gave me an estimated cost and I was on my way. later that afternoon I got a call from him telling me he had found the problem and told me the TV would be ready the next day at the same time he said it would be ready. The price he charged was even cheaper then the estimated cost he told. I was so happy about this.

Finally I can now say I have found a place besides Nordstrom's that fully understands what customer service truly is. The TV is here at my place now and should I even have a problem with it I know I can take it to Johnny's and what they tell me will be honest and true. This place rocks and the service was awesome and fast. Well worth the time and price.

KengiKat C.
Hollywood, CA
I had the pleasure of dealing with John when he came out to my home to repair my Toshiba DLP HDTV. I knew that it needed a lamp replacement and I called and scheduled the appointment. The lamp replacement and repair was quick and he made sure everything was working and in good order before he left. The price for the replacement part was cheaper than I had priced it myself online and I once again have a working TV. I would definitely use this company again.

dede B.
Glendale, CA
I had some problems with my Sony Projection TV, had some blue lines bothering me on the screen and once in a while the screen would turn completely blue. I was not in the mood to spend a lot of money on a tv older than 5 years. I was under the impression that a bulp needed to be replaced ($300 - $500).

We called around to have someone check out our little problem. Johnny's TV Repair was the cheapest and as he turned on the tv he knew right away the problem. He not only fixed it, but showed us how to take care of it ourselves when it happens again.

Johnny you are the man!

Patrick R.
Los Angeles, CA
My family has been passing around a really nice, but broken big Sony LCD screen (KLV-32U100M to be specific). Sony screwed up REALLY bad when they made these - they all have the same problems: after a few months, they just don't turn on anymore. Ours broke right after the warranty was over - so does everyone else's. Because the problem doesn't cause the screens to go up in flames, Sony has no reason to issue a recall. Wonderful, Sony!

I looked around and most people agree that the problem can only be fixed by replacing a big circuit board in the screen which costs a whole lot. So that part plus labor hardly makes the screen worth fixing.

I explained this to the guys at Johnny's TV Repair. They said that they knew exactly what the problem was with my screen, that they had seen the problem just recently, and that they can fix it for really cheap. The masters at Johnny's TV Repair are capable of repairing things at the "component level". You see - the problem with my screen is that just a few little resistors or something on the board are bad - not the whole board. So they found out which little parts on the board to replace, and replaced them. There was no need to buy a whole new board - they saved me at least a couple of hundred dollars and, get this, they had my screen ready the next day after I brought it in. I couldn't believe it.

One of the problems with electronics nowadays is that it often costs more to repair something than to simply buy it again new. The guys at Johnny's TV Repair are efficient, clever, and really nice. I would definitely go to them again and I am recommending them to all of my friends.

Big C.
Los Angeles, CA
Great service! Friendly, honest and flexible service time! I like that they are available Saturdays and Sundays- in home! Explained and showed me what was wrong with my projection big screen tv! Prices seem reasonable to me! Great business!

Thank you!

John Paul
San Gabriel, CA
I had my wonderful experience with Johnnys TV repair and fully satisfied with their professional services. I had my Plasma repired in few minutes where other places take too much of time and money. They charged me very norminal and I would recommend their services to anyone who wish to get their Electronic items repaired cost worthy. I wish them good luck to continue their professional services throught California and open up branches for customer convinience. Good Luck guys.

I was very impressed not only with the service at Johnny's TV repair shop but the prices as well. I live in Los Feliz and can't say how happy I am to have such a quality local business in my neighborhood. The turn around time is really fast and most importantly, my tv works perfectly.